[Roblox] Tribelands [Like Booga Booga 2021] codes (Update December 2023)

A Roblox game Tribelands [Like Booga Booga 2021] is a game created by LK Studios..If you’re in search of the newest Tribelands [Like Booga Booga 2021] codes, then you’ve arrived at the ideal place.

Listed below are every presently discovered and valid codes for Tribelands [Like Booga Booga 2021]. Roblox codes are issued and expire at varied times, so make sure to return regularly to get the most up-to-date free items.

Active Tribelands [Like Booga Booga 2021] code

Codes were checked on 10/12/2023 , and none fresh codes were added.

Codes Rewards
TWEET6DBAB7C2 Use this code to obtain 100 diamon reward
VICAF06E3A Redeem this code to obtain 100 gems reward
SUB46AABA31 Use this code to receive 300 gems reward
DEV1C6BD9D Use this code to receive 200 cash reward
FAT7CF71A45 Use this code to get 500 EXP reward
NEW4C847D07 Redeem this code to receive 1000 EXP reward
SUP74F1E08 Input this code to get 300 power a reward
SUP16EC379E Redeem this code to obtain 100 gems a reward
HOT692BC925 Redeem this code to get 200 gems a reward
FAT3236135A Input this code to obtain 1000 diamon a reward

Tribelands [Like Booga Booga 2021] expired codes

Codes Rewards
LIV4C72210E Redeem this code to receive 500 power your reward
NEW539B0AC5 Input this code to receive 1000 diamon your reward
FAT28D4E272 Use this code to obtain 100 coin reward
HOT5456DF66 Use this code to get 100 cash your reward
FAT45005B68 Use this code to get 200 gold a reward
VIP1F0D161C Input this code to receive 500 cash a reward
LIV331EEC62 Redeem this code to get 200 gems your reward
VIC6AF391A Input this code to get 200 diamon your reward
TWEET6F053EB4 Input this code to receive 300 coin a reward
SUB1CBAD6BE Use this code to get 300 power your reward

Tribelands [Like Booga Booga 2021] beginner code

  • FAT27A25F4C
  • SUB1DF63F47
  • VIP75FAF750
  • VIC562DCA8F
  • FAT3D3678DB
  • TOYB1E03A9
  • HOT4B4CA9D0
  • TOY1E22A411
  • HOT5D43FDF4

Tribelands [Like Booga Booga 2021] forever code

  • SUP3934A0A1
  • NEW7C6AB370
  • FREE7B290C5F
  • VIC73CDB91E
  • FAT5F43F173
  • SUB49604793
  • FREE2D7B3128
  • TOY13475421
  • VIC13261F56
  • LIV7E94F304

How to Use Codes in Tribelands [Like Booga Booga 2021]

Redeeming Roblox codes differs from title to title. Observe our simple instructions listed below to use your free items. All codes are case-sensitive, so ensure to input them precisely as displayed in our active list. If a code fails after inputting it right, then it may have recently become invalid.

  1. Launch Roblox Tribelands [Like Booga Booga 2021] on the system of your preference.
  2. Click on the thumbs up icon on the left-side portion of the display.
  3. Copy a code from our active list into the input field.
  4. Click Apply
  5. Enjoy your fresh rewards
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Tribelands [Like Booga Booga 2021] Game Description

Roblox Tribelands [Like Booga Booga 2021] code is a popular game that has garnered significant attention within the Roblox community. Developed by LK Studios, this game has quickly become a fan favorite, surpassing millions of visits and amassing over 5,020 favorites. With its server size set at 15, players can expect a well-managed and enjoyable gaming experience.

Tribelands sets itself apart by incorporating elements from various genres, allowing players to explore different gameplay styles. Whether you enjoy adventure, role-playing, or action, there’s something for everyone in this immersive world. The game offers a unique blend of survival mechanics, similar to the acclaimed title Booga Booga, making it an instant hit among Roblox enthusiasts.

Despite being relatively new, Tribelands has already gathered a substantial following. The game’s success is evident in its rapidly growing visits, attracting over 1.7 million players and counting. This level of popularity can be attributed to its engaging gameplay and responsive development team that constantly updates and improves the game.

Getting immersed in the rich and diverse universe of Tribelands is an exciting adventure. Players can work together with friends or other online users to build tribes, construct bases, gather resources, and defend against rival tribes or dangerous creatures in the game’s expansive world. The game’s mechanics create an intense and immersive experience, keeping players captivated for long hours.

One attractive aspect result of Tribelands’ explosive popularity is the creation of a vibrant player community. With numerous forums, social media groups, and YouTube channels dedicated to this Roblox game, there are endless opportunities for players to connect, share tips, and forge new friendships.

Overall, the Tribelands [Like Booga Booga 2021] code game has proven to be a fantastic addition to the Roblox universe. Its growing fanbase, impressive number of favorites, and millions of visits stand as evidence of the game’s success. With LK Studios at the helm, players can expect continuous updates and innovations that will further enhance their gaming experience in this thrilling and unpredictable world.

Active 0
Favorites 5,020
Visits 1.7M+
Server Size 15
Genre All Genres

Game is in beta stage.
Invite anyone you know who used to play this game so they can know that game is back!

For admin and give commands work you need to be on admin server!

Join our communication server for ores location and more! Code: eT9UVtrcjE

Update log:
– Onyx is back
– Onyx armor, tools, bag
– All bags got buffed
– Some bag craft recipes got buffed
– Admin server fixed

Note: That’s not BOOGA BOOGA, it’s survival game inspired by booga booga with own scripts, models and guis.

Update at 21:08 - 12/10/2023
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