Review of Blue Reflection: Second Light

Although I don’t exactly have the fondest memories of the original Blue Reflection, I have mentioned many times on the RPG Site podcast that it was a game that had great potential but needed more time in development. The premise of the original title has you play as high school girls who travel into a parallel world created from negative human emotions known as the Common. The girls can transform into magical girls using the power of Reflector and fight the hostile beings there.

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In Blue Reflection: Second Light, you play as Ao Hoshizaki. A strange incident has Ao warped into an empty school along with three other girls, but unlike her friends, Ao retains her memories and has a desire to return back home. However, with no clues of where to begin, the girls find a dangerous part of the school that is a manifestation of their memories known as the Heartscape. Inside this parallel world. the girls can use their Reflector powers to overcome various trials. With no idea where to start in finding a way back home, the girls decide to explore the Heartscape in search of clues.

Blue Reflection: Second Light is essentially divided into two segments, the social aspect as you explore the school with Ao and company, while combat is done in the Heartscape.

Blue Reflection Second Light is a great improvement over the original and a step in the right direction for the series. Almost every feature in the original has been refined. Although there are some interesting new ideas too, not all of them are implemented well, such as the new stealth system. Second Light is not a perfect game by any means, but it is a solid title to recommend for players that want something different from big-budget JRPGs and maybe prefer a game in a relaxed environment without trying to save the world all the time.


Update at 3:04 - 31/07/2023
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